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Custom Map Design

Gather has a greate map editor and wonderful pre-built spaces. However, setting yourself apart means you’ll need something unique. If you can dream it, we can make it!

Events & Games

Events are amazing to experience Gather. Socializing and navigating maps together is intuitive and entertaining. Gaming in Gather takes engagement to the next level because play is a powerful team builder.

API Integration

Gather’s API allows us to tap into the full capabilities of their platform. This includes remote triggers, dynamic maps & tiles, and shared interactive objects. Gamifying spaces is a breeze with API integrations!

Game Together. Gather Better.

Expert Vendor & Premier Partner of Gather Town.

At Gamify Gather, we strive to enhance what they’ve already done by focusing on developing interactive and collaborative games leveraging their platform. We can create custom maps for you, host your events, and even integrate our custom code and APIs to take your Gather experiences to the next level!

Unique spaces make events memorable

Office parties, conferences, and events should be exciting and memorable. We design spaces that entice participants to explore every nook and cranny. We can even sprinkle in custom easter eggs, secret hideaways, and interactive puzzles.

Gamification brings virtual events to life

We take Gather to the next level by gamifying what you can do in a space. Our collaborative puzzles, dynamic environments, and action chain objects will make your events feel even more alive!

Integrate powerful APIs that WOW 

Gather’s API allows us to transform maps into magic.

  • Want interactive draw bridges? Great!
  • How about remote switches & doors? Easy!
  • Puzzles on map instead of embedded in browser? Absolutely!

You dream, and we’ll code it!

Let us enhance your next Gather Town event!

Just complete the short form to the right, and give us an idea of what you’re looking for. We will get back to you shortly to schedule some time to meet and discuss. Thank you!

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Gamify Gather is a Raid the Room LLC company.