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Engineering Your Online Experiences

Events  |  Product Dev  |  API  |  Design  |  Data  |  Consulting

Raid the Room accelerates your vision for online events on Gather Town. We can rapidly prototype product ideas as expert consultants or act as an extension of your team by developing immersive designs and experiences for your remote offices or social gatherings.

150k+ Players from  2500+ Companies

Gamification: Bring your office & events to life

Office parties, conferences, and events should be exciting and memorable. We design games that entice participants to explore every nook and cranny. We can custom create epic easter egg hunts, hidden passages and secret doors, interactive puzzles, or anything else you can dream up!

We take Gather to the next level by gamifying what you can do in your space. Our collaborative puzzles, dynamic environments, and inventive useof objects will make your events feel even more alive!


Powerful APIs that WOW

Gather’s API allows us to transform maps into magic.

  • Want custom go karts and racetrack leaderboards? Great!
  • How about remote switches & secure password doors? Easy!
  • Puzzles on map instead of embedded in browser? Absolutely!

What’s your vision for the Metaverse? 

  • How about your own custom escape room game?
  • Maybe an immersive Web3 community with a bespoke RPG leveling system?
  • A virtual university with an integrated LMS and gamified objectives?

You dream, and we’ll code it!

Product Development: Escape the Island

We co-created Escape the Island with Gather as their first gamified experience on the platform. This immersive escape room experience required pioneering new interactive features and pushed the boundaries of what is possible on Gather (e.g. picking up objects, crafting, superpowers, multiplayer puzzles, and much more).

Data Analytics & Consulting: Learn & Pivot

Have a complex, cross-platform idea leveraging Gather? No problem! We can help to plan out how to best send and receive data from each related system with our custom endpoints.

How do you know that your space is engaging?

With the right data tracking, we can provide actionable insights on how users are interacting in your office or events. No more guessing at who joined, how long people stayed, or even who had conversations. We can custom tailor the data feed for your space, so you know exactly how it is being used.

Design: Maps, Sprites, & Support

We believe the best maps are the ones that match your unique style and preferences. If you have a map already made, then we can help enhance it. If not, just describe the idea or provide a mood board, and we’d be happy to design a map from scratch.

Need a new sprite that doesn’t exist in the object picker? No problem!

Not sure how to prepare for a large influx of users or need help with an upcoming event? We can provide live hosting and facilitation to support your teams!

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Just complete the short form below, and give us an idea of what you’re looking for. We will get back to you shortly to schedule some time to meet and discuss. Thank you!

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